Benjamin D.

“Poor overall health and posture”

At an early age, I’ve always been an active person and sometimes we, as very young individuals are careless of our physical health subconsciously-until we grow up and become more aware of our external and internal environment. I recall being a young kid back in high school and one day at a recreational center, fell on my back playing basketball after a physical contact in midair. Shortly after, I was not able to move for seconds and once I was able to, I kept on playing. I remember like it was just yesterday and lived though it – bad posture for many years throughout college even. With increasing symptoms, I was introduced to Chiropractic! For many years, I was presented with posture issues, pinched nerve in which I thought at the time was a heart issue and poor overall health standards (Immunity, mood and so on…). All these issues were resolved by chiropractic; the preventative care and self-healing through holistic form of medicine/alignment.

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Nguyen for quite sometime now and he’s been very thorough and genuine with me as his patient. I had a very “family” atmosphere with him and he took his time to hear out my concerns and made sure that we worked as a team to keep my overall health at optimal or made sure that we communicated in detail if I was in pain to find the best solution or treatment. He really cared for my health and I can attest that he does the same thing to all his patients. I have nothing but great things to say and thank you for keeping my health at the best form possible!!!

Ellie O.

“Chronic migraines for 10 years”

I have suffered from migraines for upwards of 10 years now. When I came to Dr. Kris I had tried every solution under the sun to make them better, and finally Dr. Kris was able to give me the help I desperately needed. He is one of the most caring and intentional medical professionals I have ever interacted with. His knowledge and passion for chiropractic work is evident in his practice and he takes personal interest in each patient he treats. He not only listens intently to what you’re going through, but will follow up with you post adjustment to see how you’re feeling and provide support in any way he can. Thank you Dr. Kris for showing me that a life without migraines is possible!

Caponio Family of Five

“Ear infections, TMJ pain, low back pain, overall wellness”

My family and I were grateful to be under the care of Dr. Kris Nguyen for a year. He’s warm, welcoming, friendly, and passionate about his patients. He treated us like his own family. He has a great wealth of knowledge, and even for the most apprehensive patient he puts you at ease with his techniques.

He was amazing with my 8 year old, and 9-year-old children. He would make jokes, ask them about their week, and connect with them to make them feel comfortable. He got down to their level. He offered suggestions, and exercises that were kid appropriate for keeping their bodies in proper alignment. He would check in each week to make sure they were doing their exercises. My daughter in the past, suffered from several ear infections, and a ruptured eardrum. Under care, she never had an ear infection, or any problems with her ears. With my son being in sports he kept him in proper alignment.

Dr. Kris also cared for my adult sister with Down Syndrome. His warmth, compassion, and understanding with people who have special needs was exceptional. He went out of his way to explain his care plan with her, and provided exercises that she was capable of doing on her own. In the past she had severe TMJ. She could not eat a meal without her jaw locking up. Dr. Kris created a successful care plan that allowed her to enjoy eating without pain.

My husband and I also sought care from Dr. Kris. My husband is a former athlete, and currently goes to the gym 5 days a week. Dr. Kris helped to readjust his hips, wrists, and relieve back and neck pain. There were times were my husband could not bend down to put his socks on. Dr. Kris improved his mobility, flexibility, and overall satisfaction of life.

Lastly, Dr. Kris was very patient with me. I do not like cracking sounds, and am always scared anyone who adjusts me will do more harm then good. Dr. Kris was patient with walking me through each visit, and letting me know ahead of time his care plan. He used techniques that required no cracking sounds, and used methods that would make me feel comfortable during my visits. He improved my daily lower back pain to being the occasional pain.

Dr. Kris is truly a great chiropractor. We had nothing but great results under his care. Thank you Dr. Kris for your kindness, patience, and excellent care.

Chris Jara

“Chronic abdomen pain”

When I approached Dr. Kris I had never been to a chiropractor at all. I didn’t know what to expect but I know that I needed to seek help in order to alleviate my strained abdomen on the right side, which I acquired from extensive weight lifting. Previous to going to see Dr. Kris I had been struggling with my injury for about 2 years and I had finally wanted to try different approaches form the traditional doctor. My first visit to the clinic was amazing and informative. Kris did a great job on explaining the facility, the treatment and he did it with a beautiful smile! The experience that I enjoyed the most was that Dr. Kris was not only able to give me great care, but he was also able to explain every part of the treatment as well as give me hints to improve my overall health. I’m more than happy to say I’m a worlds away from when I first saw Dr. Kris, I went from not being able to do 10 pushups without pain to excelling in calisthenics, lifting moderate weights and best of all doing it with minimal to almost no discomfort! I’m happy to say that meeting Dr. Kris and letting him take me under his care has changed my life.

Hayden K.

“Immense pressure and stress”

Dr. Kris was my chiropractor during graduate school when I was under an immense amount of pressure and stress. I had been under chiropractic care my entire life but Dr. Kris was the first one to introduce me to proper upper cervical chiropractic care. I remember on one specific occasion in school when I had been feeling “stuck” and overwhelmed with so many approaching exams and deadlines. When Dr. Kris adjusted me, during our weekly visit, it was if all of the solutions to the stressors running rampant in my mind appeared out of nowhere, accompanied by a tremendous feeling of “ease” and relief. That was the moment I learned the power behind this chiropractic technique. I continue to get checked and adjusted when necessary not only for my physical health but my mental health too!

Dr. Kris is a special kind of person who puts all of his heart and intention into his craft, you will feel this from the moment you are in his presence. Not only has he done the work in terms of the meticulous study of the science and technique of his craft, but he has the ability to deliver his service to his patients in a humble and personable way. I truly believe that these qualities would have made him successful in whatever field he chose! Fortunately for me, and the countless other lives that Dr. Kris will impact, he chose to become a Doctor of Chiropractic!